Ecovillage Christdorf

Upcoming Christian ecovillage in Tasmania


Christdorf is an ecovillage project with a strata-like setup, rooted in sustainable living principles and shared cultural values.


Christdorf will be built in Tasmania on a large block of natural land in convenient proximity to the city and all services. 


Christdorf will be home to a vibrant, multigenerational, environmentally minded, non-denominational Christian community.


  With the preliminary research phase concluded, we are now looking to engage with a suitable investor/developer.

Christdorf vision

Vibrant, resilient, sustainable


is an upcoming ecovillage development with a strata-like setup, rooted in sustainable living principles and shared cultural values.

It will be home to a vibrant, multigenerational, environmentally minded, non-denominational Christian community, built on a large block of natural land in convenient proximity to the city and all services. 

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Drawing from both traditional models and contemporary knowledge, and well aware of the inevitable failure of utopian thinking, Christforf seeks to be part of the solution of the housing, environmental and cultural crises, aiming to create as a viable and easily replicable model.

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Development Principles

We embrace the Biblical calling of our stewardship of God’s creation and our responsibility for its care. Below are some of our emerging principles.

Urban design

A compact settlement array, informed by proven, well functioning historical and contemporary models, will be carefully and harmoniously embedded into its landscape.


Inspired by picturesque European towns, Chrsitdorf buildings will speak common design language using local building materials, creating pleasant scenery with strong spirit.

Sustainability and resilience

The ecovillage design and operation will be guided by stringent environmental principles, such as passive solar design, energy efficiency, low greenhouse gas footprint and disaster resilience.


Christdorf aims to be debt-free. The proposed development scheme aims to be highly profitable for investors yet still extremely affordable for members.


Christdorf will be a non-denominational Christian community focused on what unites us. Visitors and guests from all backgrounds will be welcome.

Local economy

Christdrof will encourage local business and economy, such as professional services, online business, home industries, farming, food production and hospitality.


Christdorf village will be designed for accessibility for the elderly, disabled or vulnarable. Community-based home care arrangements will be supported.


Whilst nearby conventional schools will be available, our community hub building will cater for a shared, parent-organised homeschooling program.


Christdorf unites young people, families and the elderly alike in a naturally balanced community. A variety of festivals and events will aim to attract outside visitors.

Rules, regulations

Life in Christdorf will be guided by common bylaws. Any unavoidable conflict will be seen as learning opportunity and resolved in a positive manner.

Christdorf design

Design guidelines

Inevitably, those magical, picturesque villages and towns that keep appearing in photographs, films and paintings have things in common: consistent aesthetic according to specific local conditions, strong identity and rich traditions and culture shared across many generations. Some are also blessed by breathtaking natural scenery. We look for nothing less.

Christdorf is a community building project designed to grow organically and harmoniously, with each member’s voice heard. Our common vision will be expressed in the Design Guidelines document.


Christdorf masterplan and design guidelines are being prepared by Atelier Jiri Leva building and urban design practice first established in 1998 in Prague and since 2005 in Australia. Jiri holds two degrees in architecture and has completed over 90 residential and public buliding projects.

Atelier Jiri Lev